The artist circa 1973.

I am a self-taught artist living in Berkeley, California with my family. 2015 marked my return to the studio where I vowed to bring a backlog of stories and ideas to life through paintings, drawings, and mixed media to name just a few. Some of my work will no doubt be informed by the events of recent years when I was my mom's caregiver; others will be more lighthearted in nature. 


B. 1968, Denver, Colorado


1990  B.S. Business Administration/Marketing, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Professional Experience

Branding, Advertising, Creative Writing, Public Relations, Trade Show Marketing, Event Planning, Social Media

Group Exhibitions

2016   "Not a Lemon", Scott Ellsworth Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 
2015   "#STRIKEAWAY Show," Paxton Gate Curiosities For Kids, San Francisco, CA. 


2015  "Strikeaway Lanes" included in #STRIKEAWAY Show feature, The Jealous Curator

Art Tutorials

2011  "Drink up these Kitchen Colorants", one of the10 Most Popular DIYs of 2011, Poppytalk

Before Berkeley

Some of you may know me as @weatheredsilo. In 2010 I started a blog and opened an Etsy shop under that name. Studio time was far from steady but I somehow managed to produce a handful of oil paintings on canvases that I handcrafted from salvaged hardwoods and eco-friendly textiles. I also sold paintings and limited-edition giclées of my Dust Bowl Glimpses series depicting the resilience of families displaced by the Dust Bowl. During this time I amassed a fantastic online community of kindred spirits, many of whom I consider close friends today. I also had the great honor of contributing an art tutorial on Poppytalk. I consider myself a very lucky woman. 

Before 'Before Berkeley' 

I earned a degree in Business Administration, Marketing in 1990 and began my career working at a boutique advertising and public relations firm in Denver. From there I held various positions at a magnet manufacturing company in Castle Rock where I oversaw national advertising campaigns, led an in-house sales team, assisted with new product development, and traveled extensively across the U.S. to consumer products trade shows. Following a move to Seattle in 1995, I was instrumental in building a marketing communications and pr department and led product marketing management teams for a healthcare software company. From there I helped build the marketing department of an internet start-up that sold dental supplies.  

In 2000 I put my career on hold to start a family--this involved two unforgettable journeys to China. My family and I moved back to Colorado in 2003 where we literally built our own home on 35 acres near my husband's grandfather's farm. The allure of the Pacific Northwest drew us back to Seattle in 2006 and I began clocking volunteer hours in classrooms and on auction teams at my daughter's schools. I also proudly supported my daughters as they earned junior black belts in Kenpo Karate--a 4-year journey! In 2008 my husband co-founded Full Slate from our home office where I occasionally helped with social media and often referred to myself as a 'start-up widow'. In 2009 I helped my sister recuperate from surgery and chemotherapy and in 2012 I became my mom's primary caregiver following a sharp decline in her health. This past summer we moved to the Bay Area following Intuit's acquisition of Full Slate. 

Random facts about me 

I never turn down a trip to a salvage yard or thrift store. I have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies and mid-century desk accessories. I wish I could snap my fingers to make blog posts appear. I wrote and starred in a few Denver-area television commercials. I can't get enough of Shorpy (the 100 year old photo blog). I can organize like nobody's business, especially with the help of spreadsheets and 3x5 index cards. I could survive on buttered popcorn alone. My first "published" artwork was a yearbook cover drawn in 4th grade. I embrace new technology but lack the resources to digitize my artwork (please send help!) I enjoy listening to swing and big band music. I credit my mom, Relda Jane Fossett, for my artistic talents and passion for craftsmanship. I love giving art supplies as gifts. I swoon over retro signage and lettering. I've won my fantasy football league's championship, twice! I've loved art ever since I watched "P is for Painting" on Sesame Street (go ahead, google it.)  I want to try everything in John Seymour's book, "The Forgotten Arts and Crafts." I wish I was a better cook but at least I can make a killer pot of my grandmother's chicken pasole. And I dream of showing my art in galleries and dining out with friends afterwards. 

Thank you for stopping by. Cheers!